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November 15, 2012
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Wish by Dara-Wulf Wish by Dara-Wulf
Getting better at all this stuff. I wanted a new background for my computer and to draw my sona again. I was able to get both done in about three hours. XD

I love this picture though I see a few problems I should probably go back and fix...but meh. I'm tired and I have class tomarrow. I'll fix it some other time.

Kept listening to "Make a Wish" (you know the song from the pokemon movie Jirachi the wish maker). When I was done it seemed like a fitting title so that's what I used...

Yeah, I messed with Zahra's pattern a bit. It wasn't that I didn't like the old one, I was just goofing off a bit and found I really liked this one. The chain around her neck is from a necklace I really like and have been wearing a lot...mostly because its lucky and partly because its pretty. My mother still doesn't get why I like it so much since its old and cheap but meh who cares.

Now off for me to do what Z is and go to sleep.

Art & Zahra the hyena (c) Me
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